Monday, January 31, 2011

D-Now 2011

I just want to share what an AWESOME weekend I had at D-Now.  We had 10 9th-12th grade boys at our house, and they were so great!  When I say great....I mean great!  Of course I cleaned my house from top to bottom...cleaned bathrooms, scrubbed floors, washed sheets...etc...etc...knowing that in only a matter of days or hours that all my hard work would be taken over by spilled drinks, cookie crumbs, crushed chips, stinky socks!  I mean come on....I have two boys, and I know just how gross they can be.  Boy was I wrong!  To my amazement these guys stayed in the kitchen with there food, there were no spilled drinks or crumbs anywhere to be found, they washed their bowls out in the sink, and even made their beds!  Who could ask for more than that?  I know that the Lord is raising up Leaders in our youth at CWBC...I feel so blessed to have shared my weekend with these guys!

Our speaker for the weekend was Ben Pirtle, and he was AWESOME!  Oh and btw...our worship leader was KARI JOBE!  These two both love the Lord with all their heart and let him take the lead with worship!  It was so AMAZING to see what God can do with leaders that are there to glorify his name!  I know this weekend was supposed to be for the kids, but boy what a blessing I received.

BB and I with Kari Sunday morning...she led worship.

I wanted to share with everyone a website ...this is a website that Ben Pirtle created to feed the hungry.  His goal was to feed 1 million people in a year, and he accomplished this in 6 months.  100% of the profit goes to feed people all over the world.  Both Ben and Kari were sporting these watches this weekend, and they are super cute.  He said that just one watch will feed over 100 people.  For $22 you could help feed over 100 AWESOME is that!  I know I spend over $20 just for my family to eat at McDonalds!  He also told us that they are swatches....the bands and faces can be switched to created multi-colored watches or share with a friend.  Help support Ben's dream of feeding the hungry!

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